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48 Hours 2021 is Ready! Are you?

NOTE: At SFF our 1st priority is YOUR safety. SEE IMPORTANT DATE AND RULE CHANGES due to COVID 19. CORONA has changed the Sac Film Fest and 48 Hour competition this year..FOR THE BETTER! As filmmakers, we have a responsibility to MAKE MEDIA THAT MATTERS... JOIN US! THIS YEAR the 48 CHALLENGE IS 100% ONLINE: 5-4: ONLINE CAST/CREW (w/ INDUSTRY JUDGES): Meet our AMAZING industry judges:

5-11: GOAL SETTING WORKSHOP. Last chance to meet, discuss and prepare. This year's 48 Hour fest will MAKE HISTORY as we create media THAT MATTERS! PLUS, we introduce YOU to NEW collaborators, ADVANCE techniques, props and more! 100% COVID COMPLIANT FESTIVAL! STAY SAFE! HELP OTHERS! 5:14: VIRTUAL LAUNCH meeting where we'll assign props, genres and learn all last-minute tips to compete! 5-16: - TURN IN FILMS!

5-23: VIRTUAL WORLD PREMIERE...This online broadcast presentation will be beamed WORLDWIDE and serve as the OPENING EVENT of the Sacramento International Film Festival 2020...Our 26th anniversary! The 26th annual Sac Film Fest will break NEW GROUND in digital distribution...So, Get your act together for THE film program making a difference in our community, the 48 Hours Sacramento! Let's show the WORLD! MAKE A DIFFERENCE! BE THE CHANGE! RSVP NOW!

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